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15 February 2014 @ 12:59 pm
Wickedly Clever - Won't Ask For Much  
Wickedly Clever

Part Nine I won't ask for much this Christmas.

Mid-morning of Christmas Eve
Storybrooke, Main
December 24th, 2016
Future Ficlet

“Just close your eyes, Peter sounded exasperated.

“Why? Emma sassed, sounding just as annoyed.

Why do you think? He bantered back, raising an eyebrow.

She huffed, crossing her arms.

He rolled his eyes, It's a surprise.

She sighed loudly, “Fine.”  She closed her eyes.

“Finally,” he exclaimed, shaking his head.

Peter let go of Emma's hand.  They arrived at their destination.

He opened a set of doors.

“We're here, Emma, he said softly.

She opened her eyes, and her jaw dropped.

Growing up, she never had a Christmas tree.

But now... she did.

Emma faced Peter, and hugged him tightly.


A/N - 2/15/14: As usual, thanks for taking the time to read my fic.  Until next time!

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