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The Writings of a Hopeless Romantic

1 October
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Hey, everyone! :-)

Update as of Thursday, May 3, 2012:


I will be moving out-of-state tonight. I don't know how long I will be without internet. Maybe for a few days or so. Until then... take care, guys. Talk to you soon!


It's really sad to say that I still have writer's block - since March of 2008 to be exact. It has been four bloody years now! *sighs* Therefore, I STILL (really) do not know when I will be able to update Comfort and a Kiss, Love Hurts, Love Heals, and/or post new fan fics. (And trust me, I have come up with tons and tons of fan fictions. If you knew all of the fics I have come up with, you would be like this: O_O.)

I continue to do my best to get out of this hole, but so far I'm still stuck in it. :-( Please... please be rest assured that the fics have not been and never will be abandoned. They're just on a hiatus because of this stupid mess. :-( *sighs some more*

As for original fictions, I have also managed to come up with a few original plot bunnies. When my muse decides to return, hopefully I can turn all of these plot bunnies into stories and post them on here. Until then, I have no stories—fan fiction or original fiction—or poems lined up at the current moment.

About Me:

- My name is Mima - I'm Romanian - I'm a Libra - I'm 26 years old - I'm an only child - Through my grandparents (my mother's parents), I'm a direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler a.k.a. Dracula - Lived in the USA since 1989 - Lived in New York for most of my life - Moved to Utah in Dece. 2006 - I have a very close relationship with my mom and step-dad - Has had writer's block since March of 2008. Happy fourth anniversary to me! :-(


- God and Jesus Christ - Family - Friends - Reading - Writing - Drawing - Listening to music - Watching good movies and TV shows - Books - Libraries - William Shakespeare - J.R.R. Tolkien - Queen Hatshepsut - Empress Matilda - Queen Elizabeth I - Vlad the Impaler - Leonardo da Vinci - Abraham Lincoln - F.D.R. - Winston Churchill - Dracula - Vampires - Nature - Animals (particularly tigers, jaguars, panthers, lions, cheetahs, pumas, mountain lions, bears, rabbits, squirrels, elephants, dolphins, whales, domesticated cats, dogs, etc.) - Waterfalls - Rainforests - Elves (particularly from J.R.R. Tolkien's LOTR) - HP (books and movies) - LOTR (books and movies) - POTC (1-4) - Beauty and the Beast - Bones - Law & Order: SVU - Once Upon A Time (TV show) - Friendly, kind people - Peace

Obsessed With:

- Creating graphics (i.e. wallpapers, banners, icons, manips, etc.) - Art - English (i.e. reading, writing, improving my vocabulary, grammar, spelling, etc.) - History (i.e. European History, Romanian History, American History, British History, WWI, WWII, etc.) - Ancient History (i.e. Egypt, Greece, Rome, Dacia, Persia, etc.) - Dark/Middle Ages - Medieval History - King Arthur - Knights of the Round Table - Merlin - HP - Hermione Granger - HP Fan Fiction - LOTR - LOTR Soundtrack - LOTR Fan Fiction - Legolas - Aragorn - Arwen - Galadriel - HP/LOTR crossover stories - HP/POTC crossover stories - Hermione/Legolas stories

Favorite Quotes:

"Let every man be master of his time." -- Macbeth by William Shakespeare

"Now, as long as you're just hanging there, pay attention. The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can and what a man can't do." -- Captain Jack Sparrow

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Adult Fan Fiction (Although, I'm not going to post any NC-17 stories on my Adult Fan Fiction account for a while).

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To see the complete list of my favorite pairings, please visit my FanFiction.Net profile. :-) URL is: http://www.fanfiction.net/~verasabe

Anyway, catch ya later people! Savvy?

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